"It starts with the beginning of time..."


I had only asked for a brief summary of the history of acupuncture, because I had never done it before and I was pretty ignorant to its effects on the body.... but instead of telling me the usual spiel you'd get from anyone who took a minute to read a wiki page, I got a mind blowing insight into the Qi Gong Academy founder, Anthony Monteith. 


He has studied and taught Qi Gong in China, has a wealth of knowledge on acupuncture and martial arts, and on top of all that he's a hilarious and kind hearted person.   

"It starts with the beginning of time..." he said. Then proceeded to talk me through Qi, the transfer of energy, and how time isn't linear. It really blew my mind. 

On top of all that, while he was educating me on his Qi Gong perspective, the acupuncture itself was transformational (physically).... then I felt relaxed and open (emotionally)...

Actually you guys, I'm not going to lie:

Its fucked with me a bit... My heart feels super open and vulnerable and I don't know how it happened. I didn't sign up for this.... one minute, I'm getting needles jabbed into my leg and my arms, the next minute I'm feeling all kinds of emotions I have never felt - what is the connection?! What happened?! I just thought I was getting a nice relaxation treatment for the body, not some kind of powerful inner awakening!! Now I have to deal with a new emotional journey through my heart, and its just because this guy's presence and knowledge are so real that it seems to call out  all your bullshit (even the bullshit you didn't know you were holding on to)!! 

After the session I felt really centred and calm. I know that was the result of a combination of the physical treatment, the mental journey, and the emotional openness. I also felt really connected to both Anthony and another person who was in the room sharing the experience too (my new friend Max). I felt really content with how open I was feeling until I had a bit of a 'come down' from the session (I'm not used to people giving a shit about how I feel, but it felt good and I wanted to feel that way again!) - I needed to learn more about this Qi Gong stuff. Thankfully Anthony is running his own academy now and I've been able to sign up to his free videos (https://www.qilifeacademy.com/ ) so now I can make Qi Gong a part of my life in a big way. 

The day before the acupuncture session, Anthony had also taken me and a few other friends through some physical motions and movements to warm us up on a cold London morning. In less than 15 minutes, my whole body was warm and vibrating!! Usually, I would have to do yoga for an hour to get anywhere close to that kind of feeling. I don't know how he does it (maybe he's just magic), but I highly recommend you get in touch with Anthony if you are feeling you need to heal anything in your life, physically/emotionally/spiritually.

Have you done acupuncture before? What was your experience like? Have you met Anthony? Do you know about Qi Gong? Let me know in the comments below!!!

xx Alison BIGG





An Irish Qi Gong Master and an Australian Confidence/Adventure coach walk into a bar...