"It starts with the beginning of time..."


I had only asked for a brief summary of the history of acupuncture, because I had never done it before and I was pretty ignorant to its effects on the body.... but instead of telling me the usual spiel you'd get from anyone who took a minute to read a wiki page, I got a mind blowing insight into the Qi Gong Academy founder, Anthony Monteith. 


He has studied and taught Qi Gong in China, has a wealth of knowledge on acupuncture and martial arts, and on top of all that he's a hilarious and kind hearted person.   

"It starts with the beginning of time..." he said. Then proceeded to talk me through Qi, the transfer of energy, and how time isn't linear. It really blew my mind. 

On top of all that, while he was educating me on his Qi Gong perspective, the acupuncture itself was transformational (physically).... then I felt relaxed and open (emotionally)...

Actually you guys, I'm not going to lie:

Its fucked with me a bit... My heart feels super open and vulnerable and I don't know how it happened. I didn't sign up for this.... one minute, I'm getting needles jabbed into my leg and my arms, the next minute I'm feeling all kinds of emotions I have never felt - what is the connection?! What happened?! I just thought I was getting a nice relaxation treatment for the body, not some kind of powerful inner awakening!! Now I have to deal with a new emotional journey through my heart, and its just because this guy's presence and knowledge are so real that it seems to call out  all your bullshit (even the bullshit you didn't know you were holding on to)!! 

After the session I felt really centred and calm. I know that was the result of a combination of the physical treatment, the mental journey, and the emotional openness. I also felt really connected to both Anthony and another person who was in the room sharing the experience too (my new friend Max). I felt really content with how open I was feeling until I had a bit of a 'come down' from the session (I'm not used to people giving a shit about how I feel, but it felt good and I wanted to feel that way again!) - I needed to learn more about this Qi Gong stuff. Thankfully Anthony is running his own academy now and I've been able to sign up to his free videos (https://www.qilifeacademy.com/ ) so now I can make Qi Gong a part of my life in a big way. 

The day before the acupuncture session, Anthony had also taken me and a few other friends through some physical motions and movements to warm us up on a cold London morning. In less than 15 minutes, my whole body was warm and vibrating!! Usually, I would have to do yoga for an hour to get anywhere close to that kind of feeling. I don't know how he does it (maybe he's just magic), but I highly recommend you get in touch with Anthony if you are feeling you need to heal anything in your life, physically/emotionally/spiritually.

Have you done acupuncture before? What was your experience like? Have you met Anthony? Do you know about Qi Gong? Let me know in the comments below!!!

xx Alison BIGG





An Irish Qi Gong Master and an Australian Confidence/Adventure coach walk into a bar... 


London 'Oh So' Real

Its a trap!

Turn back now if you're happy in your comfort zone!

No, I'm not kidding, please click away now if you don't want your life to change...

Okay! ...But don't say I didn't warn you...

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 15.00.15.png

CUT TO: A 20-something young woman, sitting at a desk in a dark room. Its late at night, and the light of her MacBook is reflecting off her glasses. She looks nervous... 

"Okay" .... she whispers to herself (and to the cat sleeping on the bed behind her)

"... I can do this... I've wanted to do this for ages, I mean I'm smart, and I have an idea... "

Her hand reaches up to the keyboard to click the mouse pad, but hesitates. 

"...shit, what if I join in and its a bunch of old white dudes who aren't creative-types and I spend money on this only to find out I'm better off trying to do this on my own...?!" 

Her finger hovers above the mousepad.

"...but if I was going to do it on my own, I guess I would have by now... fuck.. maybe I should just sleep on it...okay...No..I AM going to do this, and if its shit I'll just get my money back and try something else..."

She looks over her shoulder for reassurance, but the cat doesn't give a shit. 

She clicks the button.

"Oh god oh god oh god - what have I done? I'm going to be laughed at for having this stupid idea... my friends and family are going to tell me I'm a moron for giving my money to a guy I saw on the internet... and I'm never going to be able to make the connections I want to make with my ideas...and eventually I'll eat every tub of ice cream in the world, adopt my cat out to a loving family so I can die poor, fat and alone..."


Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 15.11.22.png


That was me: the night I decided to 'pull the trigger', and then the morning Brian Rose acknowledged my existence in a facebook post. I mean, I don't usually like to share the paranoid over-reactions that go on in my mind, but lately I've found that some people enjoy listening to my internal monologue, and laugh at the parts they relate to. SPOILER ALERT: I didn't die fat and alone, my cat is still with me, and now I have a business I didn't have only 7 weeks ago. 

The London Real Business Accelerator: A Review

It's quite hard to review a program like this, because the journey will be unique to each participant - one thing is for sure, you will hit mental limitations you didn't know you had... and it won't be at the same time as other people in the course. 

You may be sitting there thinking you're smart, really self-aware, and tech-savvy. You probably have a few ideas that you think would make for great businesses, but you'll only act on those ideas 'when you're ready' or 'when i've developed the idea a bit more' or 'when the kids graduate' or 'when I save a bit more money' or .... literally any other reason. 

But you'll never act on your ideas, because you'll never be ready - if you were going to act on all your amazing ideas, you would have by now. If you choose to do this Business Accelerator course, you won't be ready, but you'll get shit done anyway. You'll have weeks where you want to swear and shout or cry and throw your laptop into the ocean (or the toilet, if you're inland).... but you'll get shit done. 

Not only will you get shit done, but you meet like-minded people who also get shit done. You'll meet people you will prefer to hang out with online than the people you're currently surrounded by. The people you normally hang out with are always doing the same old shit they always do, they aren't pushing themselves to be 'successful' (whatever you're idea of success is). The people you meet, and who 'pull the trigger' to do this course will support you with ferocity but will also call you out on your bullshit, which you will hate!! ...but then, you'll appreciate them doing so because actually, yes they're right: you don't need to spend an hour wasting time on editing a logo when there is content due to be published by midnight for your team leader to approve. 

I'll be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that I've come to the end of this 8 week course without the millions of dollars I thought I'd be rolling in...

 ....Brian Rose, you'll have to join me for skiing when I've reached my business goals....

....Brian Rose, you'll have to join me for skiing when I've reached my business goals....

... but Brian never promised me that, and he was upfront in saying that it will take longer than just 8 weeks to get to where you want to go - and we all know that you'll only get as far as you're willing to work for. 

What I do have as a result of doing the London Real Business Accelerator program is priceless: A new global network of friends who will support me through the trying times, collaborate with me in future business ventures, and who will let me crash on their couch when I travel to their country. I also have a website, I've hosted 2 webinars, I've sold a product that I developed in less than 2 months and I have an automated process to communicate with people who are interested in my message. It was fewer than 8 weeks ago when I had none of these things, or these amazing friends or experiences.

In such a short space of time, I have developed the springboard I need to succeed. 

And it wasn't just given to me. It was earned. It was fought for. It was worked for.... I have so much more work ahead of me now that the course has finished, but I have a better understanding of what I need to do to succeed. I have a network who will help me get there, I have the confidence to actually keep moving in a productive direction instead of sitting on my arse waiting for 'the right time' or a 'eureka' moment of inspiration. I have a plan, and I now feel like I know what I need to do... instead of just waving my hands through a dark maze, trying to figure shit out on my own. 

I'm not going to break down the weekly steps we went through in the course, because you need to sign up and find out what it's all about for yourself... but what I will do is say: If you don't do this course, you're missing out on a wild self-reflective journey which will result in you having a business based on your passions and talents. You'll miss out on future joint-ventures. You'll miss out on making money doing something you love. You'll miss out on the opportunity to develop and grow as a person. You'll miss the opportunity to find out what some of your weaknesses are. You'll miss out on learning that MailChimp is a mother fucker.

You'll miss out.  

Next time Brian Rose asks you to pull the trigger: be brave, get shit done, say yes. 








Confidence: A Fraction of a Moment


I thought I was going to die.

The panic attack had well and truly set in. I was backstage at my first audition, getting ready to perform in front of a theatre full of casting directors. I hadn’t had any formal acting training at that time, I had picked a monologue that was outside my cast-type, and I was certain I would forget all of my lines. I was sure I would end up becoming an acting horror story: my audition would be filmed and go viral online for being absolutely ridiculous. The whole world would somehow find out how stupid I was at my audition that day - I could see the headlines "Alison, the BIGG idiot!" 



I heard my name called out through the curtains, and my body somehow managed to move itself towards the stage. My heart was beating hard and fast into my tonsils. I couldn't breathe. In a fraction of a second my mind went through all the motions: "Get out of here dude. Run. You're going to forget all your lines. You're going to fall on your face. People will take one look at you and laugh because you look nothing like Megan Fox. You are not as talented as Cate Blanchett and you are NOWHERE near as interesting as Tilda Swinton. Run. Dude, seriously, there is still time! Stop!" 

What I did next changed my whole attitude towards preparing for a performance...

I stopped. 

I just stopped. 

I took a brief moment of time, and made it my own. 

But instead of running away, I quickly tried a confidence and perspective practice that I had been working on. I knew that I was having a panic attack, I have had them before and recognised that even though I felt like I was going to die: I wouldn't. I just had to control my breathing, and centre myself into my body within that moment. 

"Do the audition first," I thought to myself "then have the panic attack afterwards. You can drive yourself straight to the hospital when you're finished if you have to, but just get this audition done first or else you will always regret it." 

So I breathed in. I breathed out. I placed my hands on my hips. 

I practiced perspective and reminded myself that in the grand scheme of the universe, no one but me really cared about how I performed that day:

  • the casting directors wanted me to be the right fit for the role so they could finish their jobs and go home,
  • the woman at the front desk wasn't judging my appearance earlier, she was too busy texting a romantic interest and not thinking about anyone else,
  • I hadn't told any of my friends or family I was auditioning (just in case I failed miserably) so no one would ask me how it went - there was no pressure for me to magically return home as the impressive leading lady of a new Spielberg film 
  • this audition would be great practice for me to improve if acting was really what I wanted to do

All of this perspective rushed into my mind in that moment I had stolen for myself. My breathing technique had calmed my heart rate down. I had to trust myself: I had practiced enough to know that my lines would come to me when I needed them, and I knew that I was going to do the best I could when I got on stage. I could be confident that my mind and body would work for me on stage, not against me. 


Oh shit, better hurry.

I took one more deep breathe, and confidently stepped forward through the curtains. 


Learn simple techniques to help you gain the confidence you need to perform or speak in front of a crowd: sign up my free 3 part video course